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Legal Terms/Privacy Policy

To the customers and prospective customers of First Insurance Partners, LLC,
we respectfully request you read the following:

The information you have received is a summary of basic components of the insurance policies; or a quote for insurance; or an application for insurance. For a full description of the extent of coverage and exclusions of coverage, please read your insurance policy. First Insurance Partners, LLC does not warrant or guarantee insurance coverage for claim activity and encourages all customers to familiarize themselves with their insurance program as it relates to their own operations. NO INSURANCE POLICY COVERS ALL RISKS.

The First Insurance Partners, LLC philosophy is to advise insurance customers that risk management has three primary components: Avoiding Risk, Accepting Risk, and Insuring Risk. Insurance policies are one piece of this process and are never intended to serve as the entire answer to risks and claims a business or individual will encounter.

Please also know that our licensed agents can quote higher limits of liability insurance for you and those limits are typically available for Automobile Liability, General Liability, Employer’s Liability, and Umbrella Liability.

Also please know that insuring your property to the correct value is your responsibility as the owner or occupant. Insurance company appraisals can assist with this process. We as the agent do not maintain appraisal programs, and any advice we offer on valuing property for insurance are as examples only.

Additional insurance coverage options are numerous, and we suggest that you evaluate Flood, Earthquake, Employment Practices Liability, Employee Theft, Hired and Non-owned Auto Liability, Cyber Liability/Data Compromise, and other coverages that may be available for your particular business or personal property.
Applications for Insurance and Quotes for Insurance – Please note that if we do not hear back from you IN WRITING within 30 days of requests for additional information during an application for insurance; or we do not hear back from you for 30 days from quoting insurance, we will consider the application process or quote process closed. We want to help you place the coverage you need, so this procedure is for your benefit in moving that process along and to keep our agency staff focused on reaching solutions for you.

We thank you for your interest in having First Insurance Partners, LLC serve as an important part of your own risk management effort, and we encourage you to be engaged in that process and to let us know when you have questions.